Visiting Gyeiongju City Three Times And A Different Experience

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I have been Gyeongju 3 times in this year.

As I wrote in previous posting, the first visit was frustrated by the cold weather. I could not help coming back home due to the cold weather. It was not easy to push the camera button outside.
Most of photos were taken in the museum.

I planned to drop by once again in warm weather. So it was a warm and perfect day to go to Gyeongju. I was happy. I had walking around Gyeongju all day long.
Coming back to Hotel, I realized I didn’t bring the camera battery charger.

So this was third time to visit Gyeongju.
Seoul where I am living now was warm weather, so I don’t worry about the weather.
Korea is not a large country.
But when arriving at Gyeongju station, I was surprised by the Snow.



It might be the first time to see the snow in Gyeongju at March.
I felt cold. Memory of first time visit occurred to me.

Anyway I decided to enjoy this visiting instead of complaining weather.

At first I went to the Hotel and open the window.
I could see Gyeongju city from above.
My hotel was located in the downtown.
The sight from the above was something different to that of seeing by the street.

There were several colors of roofs.
The scenes of the downtown from above made me to think different side of Gyeongju.
The scenery was so impressive.





As soon as put down my luggage, I went out to walk into Gyeongju.

What I focused first was a ruined house. By the street, the old house was dying.
May be that house was remembering all it’s memory, people who had lived in it, laughing of people, mother’s voice and so on.

Looking at the ruined house, I thought the destiny of people was no different from that of the house.




Life is nothing but a dash to Death.

Turning to the corner, I walked into country side.
As deviating from the downtown, there was quite different scenery.

While visiting Gyeongju several times, it was first time to see another appearance of Gyeongju.



It was not bad.
It is pretty clear that sometimes wondering around without any aim to do gives us some insight for our lives.

Thank you for reading.

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Beautiful .. wonderful words
Travel is a life school, good for you
Well done on the pictures .. for more creativity

All people deserve to live in good conditions. I hope all be fine.

It is so special to have a Mcd in a old fashion building!

Indeed the destiny of people is no different from the dilapidated buildings that is "here today gone tomorrow ".Love your unique photo-story historic walkthrough memory lane.

Gyeongju Adventure at South Korea.

the trip was excellent @slowwalker

It was a beautiful trip my dear friend.
I particularly liked the photos you took. very successful shots.
perfect winter squares and extraordinary city photos. colors, compositions are great.


Thank you so much

A wonderful trip, can enjoy the joys and sorrows, thank you very much for sharing.

Beautiful trip!!

This place looks very quiet but I really enjoy the view from the top that looks the roof of the building is very amazing. I feel like I also want to visit this place and want to feel the chill of snow. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker.


Thank you for reading


You are welcome my friend.

Wow! Amazing places! It's really wonderful to share this type of travelling experience. 😊

I followed the post through and guess what, it was just like I was by your side all through the tour.
Gyeongju is an interesting place to be,in the summer & winter weather , especially with a camera to capture every single moment telling a story. I could relate to how you connected the photograph of ruined house to life, so practical @slowwalker.


Thank you for your comment

Good pictures to motivated the commenters

Hello @slowwalker your photography is so amazing and refreshing. I hope you have enjoyed your memorable journey to gyeiongju.


Thank you so much

very beautiful my friend. a very historic city.
Have a nice day. enjoy life while being grateful. hopefully everything is meaningful in this life. thank you for sharing my friend.


Thank you for reading

Looks very beautiful

A very enjoyable journey @slowwalker. life is really good if it enjoys

of course the trip is very megesan right, I agree with you every trip different weather and different seasons and different experiences, hope your trip is always fun, and success for @slowwalker


Thank you for your support


You are welcome my friend,, 😀😀😀

I will also like to visit this place even if there is much cold there.. The place is beautiful as shown in the first to three pictures.. Nice place and amazing


Thank you so much

Beautiful trip.wonderful photography and nice place. Enjoy your travel. Have a nice day. Thanks for share.

"It is pretty clear that sometimes wondering around without any aim to do gives us some insight for our lives."

So true. I have been able to get over ennui by just wandering around a place.

so nice photography and your travailing friend

What makes Gyeongju's roof distinct from the others? And what Mountain is it connected to?

seoul city is everybody's dream city ,, with weather suitable for holiday ,, thank you for sharing

Thanks @slowwalker for putting your hard effort in the post. Your posts are more interesting than video vlogs. The winter is looking still hard in Gyeongju. Take care of yours. God bless you.


Thank you so much

wonderful roof and enjoy your last sentence "sometimes wondering around without any aim to do gives us some insight for our lives." yes, agree with you , thanks for your sharing .


Thank you for reading

Good postings of friends although the shooting can not be close but from far visible building a beautiful friend, success is always @slowwalker.

It is so nice to see the place with snow specially in B&W. Life is indeed a dash to death but I figure it is upto to us whether we would like to slow down and take it slowly, enjoying and having fun before we finally reach the end.


Exactly I agree with you

Great place, but that McDonald's sign looks out of place!

Its very interesting to visit the same place with different experience, thanks for your sharing to us, great achievement in travel, i like your post and have upvote and resteem your post to more than 1300 my follower, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia


Thank you so much

Your current narrative is filled with light sadness and lyrics. It's so nice to read, this story set me up in a philosophical way. Indeed, our lives are in many ways similar to life at Home. We are born, we fill our lives with events, voices, smells, pleasant and sad moments. The house lives not in vain, He gives warmth and protection to its owner. So and man, he lives his life, leaving footprint in someone else's life. A person can give warmth and joy to other people. Be for someone a house, support and focus. Our life is short, so we should not waste time in vain. Give happiness and love to your loved ones, and stay in their hearts forever kind and tender memory.

This really sound like a wonderful trip to korea and i guess you enjoy your time there

Each pic looks mysterious, especially the first two.

Beautiful photography thanks for sharing

Lovely photographs...there is beauty even in death

awsum pics
really very impressive .
yeah you are right that life is nothing but a dash to death.
everything lose its charms after a time being.

좋은 글 감사합니다. 현재 여러 슬럼프로 무직으로 지내고있는데
"Sometimes wondering around without any aim to do gives us some insight for our lives."에 전적으로 공감해요.. 무직으로 지내는동안 정말 많은것들을 느끼고 아무것도 하지못하지만 더 배우는부분이 있거든요
항상 좋은 글 감사합니다


화이팅 하시지요.
머무는 만큼 더 멀리 갈 수 있다고 하더군요

Hello Slowwalker, I think that Gyeiongju City do not want to let you go thats why you already the third time there :) The colorful houses from above are very nice. The MC Donalds sign between all is quite strange :D cause it looks so traditional, but same in Germany, Burger King and Mc Donalds signs between traditional buildings. Why is government not removing the damage house? The street with the long straight road can make people thoughtful, like: Where should we go next, time is not important anymore. Thanks for this impressions!



wow! I'm mesmerised by your writing & photos... I wish I could go there someday....hoping for the best....

칼라사진과 흑백사진이 매우 흥미로운 대조를 이루네요~
폐가가 남긴 잔해가 그저 안타깝게 느껴지네요~~ 쓰레기까지...

지난 주에 새로운 이벤트를 시작해 보았습니다.. 아이들과 당첨자를 뽑으며 즐거운 이벤트를 마무리 하는 동영상까지.. 나름 새로운 시도를 해보았습니다^^ 목요일밤에 찾아와 주세요 ^^



@slowwalker nim, kamsahamnida for the last time

tsu wu yeo?

so many ruins
but at least shows us it's the same almost every where


Yes, it was cold
Lie is as same as everyplace

Life is so short, we should all live it as much as possible, enjoying all the facilities that life can bring.


Yes we have to

Thanks for the info. Am planning to visit Korea after my Japan tour, do you think 2 days are enough to enjoy the beauty of South Korea?

This city looks so historic. You captured it great!

Photos are so sentimental and has a sad story behind 😐


just a story

beyond photography

Yes, it's difficult to take pictures with frost, but what you will not do for a good shot!

I like your pictures. The pictures of the ruined house hint at a sad story.

This is real life photography for Asia :( I hope everybody see them

Wonderful 💕 @slowwalker

This line struck me, Life is nothing but a dash to Death.

Been meditating on mortality more, lately, as people I know pass away...
(Just, today, I wrote a post about my neighbor who died on my way to see him).

Strange how houses, even the ones that reflect the sad lives within them, live longer than us. Or, how one house will crumble or be torn down, just as another one is built in its place...

Life/death, side by side, birth/funerals, and the lives we make in between. Peace, @slowwalker, thanks, for sharing these pictures & your reflections.


Thank you for your comment


I'm glad you enjoyed it, @slowwalker :) If you're interested in more philosophical reflections, you might enjoy this post of mine about Perfecting the Work or Life Cheers, Yahia (Egyptian writer)

There's a wonderful moodiness to this series – the overcast skies only add to the muted tones of the subject matter.

I'm particularly taken by the shingled roofs – such a traditional, architectural feature contrasted by evidence of modernity – vehicles and telephone lines and the familiar golden arch of McDonalds.

There is a quiet grace in the gradual undoing of the ruined home – an unhurried return to nature. As you said...just as it will be with each of us.

The final image is well-chosen in that I'm left with a curiosity about where that path leads – a subtle desire to meander further down the red length of it – to peer into the little canal that flanks its edge.

Thank you for the brief glimpse into a place I might never have seen had I not stumbled upon your post.



Thank you so much.
Your interpretation is much better than my intention

I agree with you , sometimes are wondering around without any aim to do gives us more as we wish. I like too pic series and great story!


Thank you so much

Tempat yang indah, dengan suasana yang sejuk.

I have only seen gyeongju in movies....i didn't know until now that there are beautiful views in gyeongju....keep up it 👍

very nice pics dear have good time

The amazing yours post,i like,i like yours post,the fantastic friend.

Plzzz follow Back:)

Beautiful Images. <3 Keep sharing those kinds of images.

I really love how you posted the same image but one with color and one without. It presents reality in an entirely new way when you do that.

The view from a very different height looks more beautiful .. Gyeongju city is very beautiful and interesting .. You always give a special to be enjoyed.

the picture is beautiful...

흑백사진의 분위기에 반해버렸어요!! 팔로우하고 갑니다!!

Very vital photos. Thanks for the article! You go to my blog)

As a korean , even I didn`t know about the attractiveness of this city.
my last visit of that city was 23 years ago. I visit that city again within next month.

I have never seen and touched the snow, cause I live in a tropical country, I wish i can go there or wherever to see my first snow 😺
Btw, you took great pictures!

Wow! Cool photos and so adventurous. Keep posting and good luck with your journey.

beautiful pictures, though it feels lonely and sad, maybe because of the cold weather :).

Nice pictures

"a dash to death"... powerful!

thats a great black and white shot, nice dynamic range there my friend

I loved that ground.

The black and white image always looks beautiful, probably because it is not tiring the eyes. and all the master portraits look artistic buildings.

Nice picture and it is place to enjoy the beauty of nature

Good picture and work

Wow, amazing pictures from China, went to Harbin in January and absolutely loved Chinese culture!

Thanks for sharing with us. Great photographs and great work.

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Seems to me Asia is more tourism friendly than most places i have seen. I haven't travel much but i have been to Africa and some part of Europe so i could tell the difference.

traveling a fun friend, Gyeongju City is a very beautiful city, visible from the photos you share

Thanks for increasing my interest in visiting South Korea. You're making me love the country by the passing of each day.

Корея... Вид трагедии на фото. Такие кадры. Но было удивительно интересно).

Hi, I lukę your photos. You have my upvote. let's get to know each other, see

wow beautiful sight of city.

Very remarkable @slowwalker.
From your great experience, I can only say that man can becomes a wise man, not merely because of his life experience, but based on his attitude, judgment, and capacity on his experience.

Nice Post! 👌👌👌

Waouh beautiful pictures. I study in Seoul as an exchange student since September and I was never in Gyeongju; Could be good to visit this place! Thanks for the article!

Photography is very good, I like your work.

So gloomy!
I thought that Korea would be more pleasing. I was wrong. A dash to death. seems interesting!!!

Awesome experience. I think you have had to wait for a long time to collect these pictures.

I think this is a good photography technique, I like this I will learn how to look for different angles in taking portraits. good work comrade good luck continue ya brother @slowwalker

Wow it's amazing place

why the red roads?

Hi @slowwalker. Stories with photos, you're very patient waiting for the right time to get the object. Indeed it's photographer job get the right object and in accordance with the planned, ready with challenge and patience.

Thanks for sharing your experience and the results of your shots, I like and be proud when you get the right object with waiting time up to 3 days.

Like your Visiting Gyeiongju City Three Times And A Different Experience

Good pictures, What camera do you use? What was the temperature during your trip? Is there a lot of poverty outside Seol? I am always curious about South Korea outside Seol.

Thanks for sharing

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