DLive is Open for Change and Improvement

dlive •  28天前

Hello Everyone,

I want to conduct a public apology on behalf of @DLive to all @DLive users. There was an automatic system in place where by joining our platform we had you follow both @DLive and @DLiveStarBooster. This was modeled after other third-party DApps in Steem community; however, we realized how unacceptable it is for any platform to do this. 

This was an error in judgment, and we believe that no platform should be forcing you to follow them.  We want people to follow DLive on their own accord because they believe that our platform is great in their own eyes. This auto-follow feature has been removed completely.     

We always appreciate your feedback, and we are listening. We hope to build a stronger relationship with our community. To prove our sincerity, we will be declining all pay from this post. 

We believe that all rewards belong to the author, and as such, we do not take any cut from rewards. In the past 15 days, 21 team members have proudly delivered more than 2000 upvotes as we welcome more and more streamers and video bloggers into our platform! We are also happy to announce that we have brought back our DLive Stars campaign! [https://steemit.com/dlive/@dlive/campaign-or-dlive-stars-makes-a-return] DLive is here for the community and is open for change and improvement.

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Thanks for sharing this @wa7. It's great to see DLive taking initiative like this and amending the issues that you see withing your organisation.

Personally, I think a lot could be done for the Steemit apps on general. I feel that a very strong external marketing strategy and business development plan (akin to a small white paper) would be extremely beneficial for DLive.

I work full time in white paper analysis, business development and marketing strategy development, so I would be happy to help from that side in any way possible. I'm running my own project that is aiming to grow and develop Steemit, and once we get delegations (currently aiming for 100K SP to start) we're going to try and open "blogger hubs" for Steemit users. Therefore, I would be very interested in helping you develop in the areas that I am strong in.

If this is something that you are interested in, please get back to me and we can talk more about it. Thanks!


How in the do I see the peoples I am following feed. both of them at the same time. LIke youtube and people I subscribe too.


Thank you @lukebrn

Great words right here <3 you kent! keep up the amazing work ! Happy to be a part of the team :D


Thank you for the update. I can't begin to say how much I appreciate seeing, and how much I would urge you to continue, being transparent with the community like you are in this post. It's such a unique experience, for everyone, to be the co-owners and co-creators of a community project liek STEEM. We all want it to be the best that it can be and we are all incentivized to contribute where we can. So please keep on giving people the feeling that they are on your team and with you on this crazy ride in this new blue ocean we call "crypto".


Thank you uhat, Go DLive!

Ok, at least inform us...

I wasn't to upset by the fact it was an auto-follow but based on the freedom principles of Steem it does seem unacceptable and or bad from. Great to know you have changed that and appologied! Good on you!

The thing that makes Dlive better than Dtube is that you do NOT take author rewards, the 25% that they take is absurd.

I quite like Dlive though honestly I am quite disappointed that I have not gotten a single up vote from Dlive despite that fact that it has over 1mil in delegated SP. That is sad especially considering I have promoted Dlive more than anyone I have seen on Dlive with quality Dlive logos in all my videos of which trend on not only Dlive but Steemit as well.

In fact I stopped using Dlive and went back to youtube because its way easier to use and I actually get compensated though, not much it is more than dlive has provided me. I don't know why I would promote and support someone/group/project who won't support me for the legit promotion I do.

I even sent multiple emails and commented on Dlive posts and got no response. Doesn't seem like anyone cares at all.

I wish you all the best regardless.

Great to see progress being made, really hope Dtube becomes a legit replacement for youtube soon!

Full Steem Ahead!


Damn. Just step in here and rip them a new asshole. I am glad you spoke out here. Maybe thry will finally respond.


I have the same problem with not getting upvotes from DLive.I think they are really busy and I will just keep broadcasting and build more fans to get their attention. Hopefully, they will see me soon! haha


Even YouTube wasn’t “YouTube” when it came out. I am just glad there seems to be someone with ethics behind the wheel because I think in the future the internet is going to be a wild, wild place filled with bad actors so anyone willing to put in their time and effort to making something great and malleable to the users will ultimately win over competition. YouTubr will die. We are all just waiting on it’s replacement to show itself. Fingers crossed it is DTube and DLive. Long Live Steemit!

Nice to know that dlive listens to its community.

This was of cause spearheaded by @demotruk.

Very nice development in my opinion.

Way to go guys :)

Thank you very much for leading by example as one of the top apps on Steem by not auto-following, voting so many live streams, and giving up taking a percentage of the rewards given that the curation provides a significant payout from the delegation. I hope more apps will follow your lead on this!

This was an error in judgment, and we believe that no platform should be forcing you to follow them. We want people to follow DLive on their own accord because they believe that our platform is great in their own eyes. This auto-follow feature has been removed completely.


Thank you @jerrybanfield , DLive is here for the community, and always ready for improvements.

Thanks a lot wa7 for sharing this update with us :)
It's helpful to know this info.

I unfollowed @dlivestars because I have pretty much no interest in that. As for the auto follow thing I'm pretty sure most people are in the 'whatever' camp. It wasn't an auto upvote or anything.

As for Dlive not taking a cut of the rewards, I think that's stupid. You're providing an awesome service, 15% of rewards seems totally reasonable and I'm actually appalled that you aren't doing this. Servers cost money, and we want you to be able to keep providing the service preferably with minimal effort on our side.

Asking for donations now and again is actually more of a hassle for us than a cut of rewards. Take your cut!


They already get 25% curation like everyone else on steemit voting past the 15min mark. Dtube and Dmania take 25% extra

Thanks for the update @wa7 @dlive! #Muchlove #Resteeming for extra awareness!

I didn't really mind it, keep the good work kent. I am glad to be part of Dlive.

Thanks for sharing with us

That's the way of fixing things. Show the face is for braves ones! This is an example @wa7! Cheers for that.

Nice to see that there is not beneficaries cut in dlive posts. Since the very beginning of dlive i observed and believed that the dlive team has positive effect and intention on community. Keep up on good work guys! Fully support and thanks for bringing such oppurtunity to the people who loves to stream! Best wishes.

Didn't even know this was an issue but shows savvy leadership for being transparent regardless.

Huge fan of Dlive and think it's the most underrated app here on the blockchain. Live streaming is going to have a huge 2018 and Dlive is positioned to capitalize off the growth.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys bring to the table this year!!

Thanks for the transparency. I like the platform a lot and hope that people continue to support it. It was nice to have a few large votes from dlive! It helped me out a lot. Keep up the good work.

I like to be at your great work lg

Very honorable move...im sure in this case the people didnt mind the follow that much tho because #dLive is a great platform

I'm sure no one will unfollow

I did not notice. TY for sharing.

Thanks for making that change :) I really need to do some streams now.

this is a great break for D-Live, when It is back we will see a long of new staff and people coming in for it.

So sad.Why is your steemit dollar invalid?

Thanks for the transparency. I personally don't mind it however, it is good that you are allowing people to chose by themselves if they want to follow you guys.

too interesting this publication. open to change, excellent, incredible work, I hope you have a lot of success.

I couldn't find Dlive's app for iphone.
If you made the app, can you say to me where do I find it?


I don't know if there is one. I use the Chrome browser and it works fairly well.


We dont have yet an app.


Do you have any plan for ios app?


yes we have mobile apps on our list.

It is something New for me.

greetings from Berlin

Esta bien el modo de pensar, publicidad desinteresada. Buen ejemplo.

Don't sweat it! Thanks for creating such an amazing platform! Super excited for what the future holds! =)

really did not care xE

apologies accepted:)

This is a very good thing and I am proud of your actions like this.
Success For Dlive

@wa7 I will express my thoughts on the development of the project. Steemit should be made an international social network. Now the emphasis is on users with English. At the start, this was the only and correct decision. Now we need to develop separate directions. To support various yazov groups. Perhaps initially supporting these projects with their attention.
Perhaps my idea seems very bold or even stupid. Let's imagine if the platform becomes fully international. It will become like a facebook or tweeter. Where people of different nationalities communicate in their own language.
This will give a huge investment. Let there be no inflow of whales. But there will be a collective whale. If a million users invested $ 10 this is + 10 million investment. If the second million will invest $ 100 + 100 million investment.
Once again, I apologize if my thoughts are very bold and look insane, but the platform has great potential. I'm new here and I've invested only 79 steemit I have plans to continue small investments, regularly.
If we are such small investors will be millions, we will be equal to the whale that pours in huge amounts. As a result, it will grow in price steemit.
Once again I apologize if my newbie's thoughts are very bold.

@Dlive @wa7 for me i think is not that we don't want to give any cut from the reward. i think it should be done base on how much. If less than$50, than not cut will happen. If between $50 to $150 Maybe a certain % will be cut , if between $150 and above, than a certain % will be cut . Not sure will this work . Just that for those of us who are small , such cut hurt us badly.

Great Job Kent and Dlive

buen post amigo, te invito a ver mi blog

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post. And follow you @songtiejun

kindly follow back and upvote my posts please....

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this is the first time i saw the @dlive ......hope it will work for begginers like me to understand the steemit community...

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Previously I want to thank @dlive for the information you shared, I am very happy and interested in dlive, hopefully dlive more step forward and success continue, and I will try and follow dilve.

Thank you @wa7 for clearing this up, transparency is very important and this shows how much the team cares about the platform. I wasn't aware that there was an automatic following when you joined, even though I have no problem with this, but on the other hand, It's good that people that are doing Dlives try to watch other people's lives and this is/was a good way to make sure that at least they could watch the resteemed DliveStars.
Anyways, thank you for being an honest platform and showing this to us!

Great move to improve transparency. I remember that I was surprised to see that I had followed @DLive and @DLiveStarBooster in my SteemD timeline; when I didn't do so. Forgot to get back to reviewing what happened then.

Thank you for the clarification!

Hey @wa7 ,
you are one major part why i swapped over to the steemit network. As a YT Power Creator in specific niches, i m getting almost zero feedback or money because of the new policy.
You gave me a chance, to get a little bit of money for my work and effort. I wanted to thank you already a month ago. Keep doing what you are doing, you are great at it.

Good job Kent!

Honestly, I didn't even notice this.

I will continue to follow you. You are a great and best person in steemit and I would like to visit my account @zulfahmii

I love the DLive concept. It's great to know that you are mindful of those who will serve to keep it flowing!


Back vote

Thats really a good initiative :)

Thank you for the post, I like your reasoning I read with pleasure and made good conclusions for myself, thank you very much.

Hello boss thanks for amazing time on dlive stream 😍

Hi @wa7, thanks for the update and thank you guys so much for supporting the streamers that provide good and original quality to the platform. I love the way how Dlive works. Thank you @jimmylin for tuning in on my streams. I appreciate that a lot, and if you have any suggestions to improve my streams, I'd love to hear.

I hadn't even noticed this. Now I notice that you also aren't reversing it either. :|


What do you mean by reversing it ?


You will have to manually unfollow it if it was already unfollowed.


so they're not that sorry.


Noticed that my account was following it again recently and unfollowed.
Few minutes later @dtube was back.

So...how do you only have 100 or so followers? I'm so confused