ADSactly Tech News - The Complex Challenges of Designing Cars for the Future.

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ADSactly Tech News: The Complex Challenges of Designing Cars for the Future.

Image Source: Automotive News

Some people feel an emotional attachment to their car. Other people feel that owning a car is selfish and prefer public transportation. When we look around sometimes we can't see the changes happening all around us. That is because the changes are small and so we adjust quickly. The fact of the matter is that its becoming increasingly hard to deny the fact that the future is now.

We are going to see so many technological changes in our lifetimes that it is going to feel like we are perpetually living through a series of science fiction movies. New inventions will be constantly hitting the market and one of the biggest technological changes that we will see in our lifetimes is right on the cusp of becoming reality. I'm talking about self-driving cars. The way new concept cars are being engineered is making a major departure from the engineering techniques used in today's cars.

These new concept cars are being drawn up in startling detail to look like living rooms on wheels complete with rear-facing seats and massive infotainment screens. To make these designs into real prototypes, these new vehicles will need to undergo a vast undertaking of automotive redesign from a fundamental level.

You may have noticed the cars of the present have all sorts of new electronic sensors and devices never before seen in the cars of the 80s, 90s and even the 2000s. Automakers have added incredible new functionality to vehicles but these changes have come at a cost not completely calculated by the average consumer. For example, the parts needed to control these new beasts of the road have multiplied. The architecture involved in creating these modern marvels has added a level of complexity which makes it increasingly difficult to upgrade.

Now, lets add to this we the advances needed to shift to a new level of commuting by adding autonomous driving. That's right folks, I'm talking about 'autopilot.'

To make this huge leap, manufacturers are going to have to make a 180-degree turn from industry practices. They will need to take the next step in simplifying the number of parts used to manufacture autonomous vehicles while simultaneously increasing power production capable of running the advanced software required to operate these modern vehicles.

Glen De Vos, chief technology officer at Aptiv had some interesting things to say about this topic late last year. "The traditional vehicle architecture is highly distributed with fragmented software, it's not scalable and, finally, it's hardware-centric," De Vos said. "If you think about our industry, where most of us are hardware engineers, it makes sense. It tends to be inertia. You don't change, because that's how you think."

He went on to say that Tesla Inc. may be the company to bring this new modern age forward first. They have created a simplified structure from scratch, consolidating most software functions into a centralized computing platform. Basically, because of this architecture, the automaker was able to implement over-the-air updates ahead of the rest of the industry.

Image Source: PSI Punk

We are talking about a new age in which self driving vehicles are essentially driven, controlled and operated by supercomputers with advanced circuits and high end software.

This capability became more than just a convenience feature for Tesla customers in September, when the automaker remotely increased the battery range of its vehicles for owners attempting to evacuate during Hurricane Irma.

This excites me to think that software is going to play an increasingly important role in the capabilities of modern vehicles. It also scares me if I'm being completely honest. I mean, look at what is happening here. Software engineers recognized a disaster and programmed advanced code to increase the battery range of their vehicles! If this isn't mind blowing then I'm afraid the rest of this article might not keep you engaged after all...

Tesla is a new and modern company that isn't as old as it's competitors. It has the advantage of being able to approach vehicular design with a fresh and unique perspective. Furthermore its reputation as being an industry leader in innovation attracts and encourages cutting edge vehicular engineers that are eager to make a name for themselves.

"For existing vehicles, it will probably take two generations to complete this transition," said Walter Sullivan, the head of the Silicon Valley lab at Elektrobit. "Whereas these new EVs being designed from scratch, those have the benefit of not having the legacy architecture, so they'll make the transition faster within a single product generation. They're probably already designed for this eventual transition."

It isn't easy to completely flip the world of automobiles on its head pick it apart and put it back together with integrated components and simplified circuitry. But that doesn't mean that all the world's car manufacturers aren't going to try!

"With each additional function that came into the car, an electronic control unit came in with it," De Vos said. "Eventually, you're basically connecting all of these individual controllers. You could imagine the complexity of the wiring harness and power and signal distribution that results from this; it becomes just a huge nightmare."

I've gone into the some of the hardware requirements of autonomous driving, obviously powerful processors from chipmakers such as Nvidia and Intel are going to be a very vital component of making this a reality but beyond that these cars will increasingly need more battery power as electrification spreads.

Image Source: Green Car Reports

"One of the strongest trends is moving to a central computer," said Dennis Nobelius, CEO of Zenuity, an automated driving software company formed by Volvo Cars and Autoliv. "Now, in the [Volvo] XC90, you have, like, 110 different ECUs or processing units. That is being moved to one central base, where it could be Nvidia or someone else that is handling the processing capability."

So here we go, clearly the need for integrated systems and ECUs is going to be a major priority into rolling this technology out to the masses. The challenge will be to reduce the numbver of ECUs (processing units) down as much as possible which will increase speed of processing and reduce overall power consumption.

This consolidation already is happening, according to Patrick Little, senior vice president of automotive at Qualcomm. Most new infotainment systems and digital clusters, including Qualcomm's, are now powered by only one ECU.

If you've been following along up until now you will notice that each problem I've addressed is being approached and solved with the end result being this technology coming to a neighborhood near you soon!

The biggest obstacle at this point seems to be creating a high tech centralized control structure. This is both good and bad. On one hand auto manufacturers will be able to offer over-the-air updates to features and functionality in your vehicle. Beyond that, it will also offer them the ability to remotely enable functions. Now, how that power is used or how it potentially could be misused is a completely different story.

Image Source: Trend Hunter

So how are we going to get to the end goal of seeing a world full of self-driving, fully autonomous vehicles that look similar to mobile living rooms?

Well, the path companies will have to take to get there require instituting fundamental architecture changes that the car industry in general or more specifically its employees in its many departments may have some trouble getting used to.

Basically new modern vehicles will have to break the mould and follow a completely different roadmap and design structure that could be described as being much more 'holistic.' Automakers will have to refocus and reorganize themselves away from the hardware-centric approach they've taken for decades.

Apparently in an effort to do just that, Ford has recently tapped outside talent. Its main approach has been through its investment in self-driving software company Argo AI and acquisition of Palo Alto, Calif., startup Autonomic Technologies.

It is their hope that this will aid in the required paradigm shift while still relying on veterans within the company to bridge the gap. But who wants to be worried everyday that they may wake up and find themselves out of a job?

Aptiv's De Vos said current organizational structures are based around specific vehicle functions, such as powertrain, transmission or electrification, that are set in their own development cycles. These divisions will blur as software takes precedent over hardware.

I doubt members of these different departments are just going to go without a fight. Clearly retraining is needed and a new and more streamlined division of labor will be needed to make all these future plans into reality.

Image Source: Engadget

"Those departments have a tendency toward self-preservation," said De Vos, whose company was spun off by Delphi Corp. as an autonomous-driving technology business. "All those groups are actually software groups now. It's a reprofiling."

One thing is certain. That is the fact that automakers will have to invest significantly in software engineers while also reducing the cost of integrating new technologies into their vehicles.

"That's a challenge for every single one of them because things are moving more," said Qualcomm's Little. "They're all struggling with how to gear themselves for this rapid innovation dynamic."

Now I'd like to focus the attention towards ADSactly readers. How do you feel about self driving cars? Do you know anybody working in the automotive industry that may be displaced by this new shift in development and manufacturing processes? Do you think the research presented is logical, do cars need to be completely redesigned from the ground up to meet the needs of future consumers?

Here's a chance for the @ADSactly community to leave their thoughts and opinions on this topic!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations sources:

"Complex technology calls for simpler cars" - Automotive News

Image Sources: Automotive News, Pexels

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Oh, such fine lines! I already want such a beauty!

Great article

Two decades ago, we were in awe to the advancement of technology used by 007. But nowadays i think 007's gadget were now obsolete 🤣


Agreed. It seems clear that 007's gadgets need a quick refresh. Hoping for some futuristic bond movies to show the next advancements (5-10 years from now...)


I beg to disagree and I can bet my last card that Money Penny does too. 007's gadget are still much more relevant than you think. If I were to own any of 007's gadget used in the past 20 years today, I will be considered one of the luckiest fellows of this age.


I totally agree with you. Things are changing so fast- it seems like technology is changing almost every six months. Now you see why we have less and less money. We constantly have to be replacing things that normally last years.


Yes, it is true. Our society is becoming increasingly obsessed with technology and having the latest and greatest. It is not a competition but many are willing to stand in lines for days just to get the next iPhone model or something else they don't exactly 'need' to survive.


I agree
It's true almost everything now changing so fast...
But with the technology that we have now sometimes we need to redesigned to meet the needs of the people...


Lol... I'm more worried about "Men in Black" gadgets and tech going obsolete.

But it's true though. Things are changing and they're changing quick. The world isn't waiting for anyone and the way it seems, programming is taking the lead.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
― Arthur C. Clarke

I think driverless car is the best innovation today

Yay!!! Now cars can have software that drive them. There will probably be some accidents of epic proportions if the software of a single vehicle freezes up or whatever. :D


Yes, this reminds me of that iRobot scene in which the car tries to kill him! There will most likely be similar incidents in the future!

What are the chances that the real cars come out looking so epic :D...

Let's see what future brings!


The future is def. going to bring driverless cars!

Design car engineers can expect an exciting and satisfying career in future, provided they follow certain guidelines given below.

  • Focus on innovation and creativity to develop new concepts, instead of only studying existing designs and making minor changes in design.
  • Improve analytical skills and adopt mathematical approach for all design problems.
  • Use simulation techniques such as FEA and CFD whenever relevant in order to reduce design iteration time.
  • Ensure alignment with the goals and objectives of the management, and feel free to ask for necessary resources for development.
  • Update information and knowledge on materials, new technologies, etc. periodically, and believe that learning is a continuous process.

The scope for a bright design engineer is vast, since there is a shortage of hard core design engineers, though there are thousands of engineering colleges that “mass produce” automobile engineers in the country.

Indeed self driving electric cars would be a dynamic innovation of near future. But still Im quit skeptical about it. Some of the key cons I think that will effects are..

-electric energy is also among the non renewable source of energy,that may be a danger to our water bodies.

-If may take a professional drivers who can understands how to interacts with the Artificial Intelligence.well that can discharge many jobs out in future.

-batteries stores energy but if something goes wrong with it it may blast,we have seen in past with some of the leading mobile manufacturer including Samsung.

-as you say building a hi tech centralised control system is the biggest challenge of all, I say building a default mode would be the biggest challenge to get car into safe mode if AI can't be able to understand human out there.


The fact is that if society rolls this out on a large scale there may not be a way to stop it. There is a lot of potential in the technology but also a multitude of potential dangers as welll...

I have a couple of guesses here. They are nothing more than my speculation.

We are going to see a huge rise in 'vehicle sharing' and 'people delivery'. It gets less and less advantageous to own your own vehicle every day. In one human generation I think there will be far fewer individual vehicles.

I think the way forward for FoMoCo and others is to 'go around' the existing divisions. Create a new paradigm for manufacturing and design and bleed out the existing divisions over a period of time.

Thanks for a very well thought and executed article. I truly enjoyed it.

Pretty cool look at future of cars.

wow very nice technology

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wow very nice steemit post

this is what we call the future.
God has blessed technology so far that they can make a car that can be helpful towards evacuation of Hurricane. thanks and regards for educating the steemians about the latest technology power available regards from @isaachazard to @adsactly

para llegar a esto se tienen que cumplir muchas cosa y que la mayoria de la gente no va a queres y va a hacer hasta lo mas imposible porque esto no se logre, la industria de combustible fósil morira ya que no vamos a necesitar eso. sera muy dificil para las personas que estan acostumbradas a los motores ruidosos ya que los electricos casi no se escuchan

realy beautyfull and nice post

Fully automatic cars are good in a sense that the passenger only has to feed the required information to the car that where he wants to go. All the functions have already been fed in the car. But there is one problem with these automatic cars that if something wrong happens with the functions and software of the car then there is a maximum risk of danger.

thanks for effort and sense of sharing

The future comes with many surprises for the lovers of the vehicles, although I am terrified to think about putting my safety in the hands of software that could hang at some point like my old computer ...

Batery is the key :)

nice car friend

Always wonder why everyone wouldn't want to put as much effort into self driving cars as possible. So many people dying annually due to bad driving.

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I love this amazing car

If the future is now , how the next future will be?

Gracias por compartir este increíble post!

wow! what a great and stylist car!

I like it. Thanks @adsactly

Future cars is all what we are waiting for... It would curb from accidents to noise/air pollution amongst the rest. I was on a documentary the other day and I saw a car made of wood that could twist, I also saw a 3D screen car(thats you don't miss anything on the road), not to talk of a rotating car.... Indeed the future is what we are waiting for!!

Is very good

So how are we going to get to the end goal of seeing a world full of self-driving, fully autonomous vehicles that look similar to mobile living rooms?

Great article!
When I hear cars of the future first thing that pups in my head is self driving cars. Of course there are ather aspects such as living room on the wheels or car plane...
It’s an unbelievable technology, but I don’t think we are ready for this just yet. I recently red an article about Tesla while self driving running into standing fire track. There is soo many obstacles at this time. Until there are only self driving cars on the road I just wouldn’t let go of the wheel. I consider myself as an average Joe and I think there is at least 80% people like me in the world with same opinion. Also, what happens if “my car” gets a ticket, who is going to fight it? Who is going to pay for it? Soo many questions to be taken care of first. However, I belive we are getting very close, because I belive in automobile companies such Volvo, Mercedes, Honda, BMW, Ford... Lets see what happens in the next 5 years.
I realy enjoyed reading your article!


Thanks for that @milano1113! Major companies are getting behind this plan to introduce driverless cars in our lifetimes. I don't think they are really far away at all from rolling out the first models. The problem you present about the phantom ticket is interesting. I suppose we will sign some sort of contract that says we are responsible for the liability presented. It brings new product / service offerings like extra 'driverless car insurance'

what a technology!!!!!!day by day technology are being updated.these cars are looking so gorgeous.

The design is amazing!! I hope my post can be a professional like your post @adsactly

Technology is surely getting to look like magic

technological progress is developing so rapidly that some individual discoveries can change individual industries. The same goes for engineering.
I like the progress of engineering and the changing standards. First of all, the development of electric vehicles is the removal of a huge load from the environment. Ecology receives huge damage every year from the exhaust of cars. You yourself can feel the difference, the air in metropolitan areas is "heavier" than the air in small cities. I support the initiative of some countries that in the future plan to completely abandon cars with internal combustion engines.
In the third turn, the development of cars with full autopilot is a matter of time. Some supporters of manual control are against this. But it is impossible to resist world technical progress. According to statistics, many people die in automobile accidents. The human factor in transport management plays a big role. The appearance of cars with autopilot will reduce the number of accidents and will allow you to save a lot of time. On the road you will be able to engage in important matters and therefore increase your productivity ... or vice versa relax.
My opinion is definitely a big step forward for humanity.

that's seems as like the time countable world of 2021
@upvoted @resteemit

automatique cars are the best choice for a simple reasone, secured, easier to drive too.Im in my first period in steemit i need encouragment ...

I think the technology nowadays has very similar to some science fiction movies because the world keep advancing every day and different type of people were born with very different brain. So many cars will be developed with many different designs. I just want a company to design a car that can look like a LION. @adsactly thanks for sharing the information with us.


Very nice this car



Yes very excellent guys..


I like it

amaizing.... thank's

Innovative technology, world gone crazy😜
It's really great news for us😮😮

For it to work,i think self driving cars should have their own dedicated driving lanes away from traditional car drivers. The self driving cars being controlled by a CPU can be able to communicate effectively with other self driving vehicles reducing automobile accidents to zero.


I think seperating them is a good idea. At least at first, it seems like a logical way to rollout the technology.

The development of the era has brought the era of increasingly sophisticated technology, thus making manufacturers estra hard to compete to design the latest design to satisfy the consumer market in need, but basically the sophistication of automotive products in the show is not supported by human resources in operating so that many of the products which is marketed quietly from the buyer's buyers than the turnover of suv and other commercial car sales. Sometimes I am surprised to see automotive manufacturers that seem to create the latest designs like in force as if the needs of the market / consumers are very urgent, so that after the production is not sufficient market share of sales targets to make producers se will fail and continue menciotakan latest innovations his.

let see what future technology can bring to us. it was really helpful for us

The future will be brighter !!

It’s an improbable technology, however I don’t assume we tend to square measure prepared for this simply nonetheless. I recently red a piece concerning Tesla whereas self driving running into standing hearth track. there's soo several obstacles at now. till there square measure solely self driving cars on the road I simply wouldn’t let alone of the wheel. I think about myself as American statean|a median} Joe and that i assume there's a minimum of eightieth folks like me within the world with same opinion. Also, what happens if “my car” gets a price ticket, UN agency goes to fight it? UN agency goes to buy it? Soo several inquiries to be taken care of initial. However, I belive we tend to have gotten terribly shut, as a result of I belive in automobile corporations such Volvo, Mercedes, Honda, BMW, Ford... Lets see what happens within the next five years.
I enjoyed your article!

we going into the 5 D world.....3 d is going extinct....Welcome to

just yor post.

I wonder if solar power via car paint will ever become a reality. (I would be based on organic photovoltaics instead of silicon photovoltaics.)

this is called technological revolution

Wow ! Amazing how technology can evolve so fast and beautifully ! I'd like to have the chance to own one of these futuristic cars one day ....

Espectacular!!! amigo @adsactly que tipo de motor le pondrías a tu nuevo auto?

Very interesting post, it's a nice design

Amezing your post.
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I am one of the admire of cars I love everything relate to cars specially the new one and I am so excited of what the future will bring us😍

This is a great technology, but I have not been strong enough to get it, because of the high cost of modern technology let alone the technology used by 007.

This is a great technology, but I have not been strong enough to get it, because of the high cost of modern technology let alone the technology used by 007.

Nice Post!

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Alot more is going to happen in the future

Great blog... Can't wait for things to change. Thank you.

Muy interesante este artículo, particularmente siempre me he preguntado también ¿qué hay de la seguridad? Si van a depender cada ves más del software, ¿qué impedirá que los piratas informáticos hagan de las suyas. y ¿que hay de las fallas de software con eventuales accidentes? No es lo mismo el cielo que las calles. Será interesante ver todo eso.Espero estar vivo para verlo.

These cars look very futuristic

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Thanks for sharing.😄

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i like your so good

Wow sir so nice...9A44676D-E8B2-4EFB-836A-7EBB0E1E046F.jpeg

beautiful design, or, as you say that we are all in love with the technology that we already adactamos the vehicles, for improvements comudidad of the husnales, that leads to the designers have more innovators not for the technology that is no longer the uriosa if not for us the human we want more technological curiosity, jja very good your post and inavador

its going to take a complete restructure by companies like GM . Their greed, indifference and poor management has set them back way over 20 years . Id say most north American car mfg have failed us as consumers , making vehicles they want to make and not what people want. The evo1 is a perfect example of GM having an opportunity to expand technology and failing hard. Think of how far ahead of the game GM would be right now if they had kept with the evo1. Not just ev tech , but battery tech and the required sensors that would go with it that would transfer to the self driving car. Ev's are the future as well as self driving. Some of the other interesting things we are on the cusp of , more prevalent ride sharing /car sharing services. Things that will be good for the consumer and humanity and not the greed of the corporate world. Things are changing , slowly.

Good thank you
Have a nice day^^*

How I would love to be part of that super futuristic event that will impact our society and even our way of life ... I would give my life to be able to ride in one of those super cars of the future ... how many decades will have to pass for that this becomes an actual fact?

we will see many new cars in Next years, I hope we don't need Diesel or Patrol anymore.

Greetings from Berlin


Well that is def. in the cards as well!

wow technology

Great article! And that's a cool car!

The shape of these cars are really amazing and look as if they could fly/ Streamlined and so smooth! Love that Mercedes, too.

hmm awesome

I have always said that the information at the time it is transmitted is good for anyone. although for some it is somewhat discontinued. Thanks for the info.

Check out my article in the link down here
and be sure to upvote :)

What a car?!?!

While I recognize the idea behind self-driving cars to improve safety on the roads, what about a pure driving pleasure of those who actually enjoy doing it?

What's next? Self-driving wheelchair for everybody as walking can be dangerous too?

Good post.


It seems like the petrol and diesel engine cars will be banned from sale in 2040, What is clear is that motors powering the cars of 2040 will be some form of electric, which means more batteries, silent running and charging stations everywhere.



Interesting predictions, if your ideas about batteries and charging stations turn out to be true, it wouldn't surprise me!

This is an awesome innovation, however I have not been sufficiently solid to get it, in view of the high cost of current innovation not to mention the innovation utilized by 007.


Agreed. I think 007 probably has some sort of fixation on driving supercars anyways... Not sure if he'd like to be driven around by an automated vehicle...

one day time will come when cars will fly, we not gonna need anymore aeroplanes.

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Good technology development

good ideas!! thesetechniques should be implemented soon .cars which run without drivers should come more so that people who dont like to drive or who dont know driving can opt them...